Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The high costs of a wrong translation

In 1980 Willie Ramirez joined the Florida hospital comatose, her friends and relatives were unable to describe their status and situation the doctors since they only spoke Spanish, by what they resorted to a hospital worker who was bilingual who translated the word "intoxicated" as "intoxicated", despite being very similar both have different connotations in each language.
It seems silly but a professional translator/interpreter would have known that "poisoned" by food is related to "poisoned" and has nothing to do with intoxication by alcohol or drugs ("intoxicated"). The family of Willie thought that he had become ill from ingesting food in poor condition when he was actually suffering a cerebral hemorrhage. Because of the misunderstanding, the doctors treated an overdose of alcohol and drugs and W.R. was quadriplegic. It was rewarded with $ 71 million for malpractice in their diagnosis.
A translation is a great responsibility to a professional translator. At the time that does not want to lose the meaning of the words used in the source document, these words need to capture the attention of people to receive such translation. This is, words need to adjust to the culture and slang of the context without being inappropriate or out of place for those who read them and listen.


What about words that have no direct translation

Although the languages are very extensive, each language uses words that can not be translated literally.


This German word is used to describe the joy for the Schadenfreude


Hard is direct translation in other languages.

Brand new

Even being a very common word for the Spanish we did not find a direct translation in English, will be missing usa the best meaning depending on the context: brand new a work of theater or film, release a piece of clothing...


A single word that defines the Act of carrying the hand to the face as a sign of frustration or despair in English


Widely used term today and refers to the Act or person that reveals what is going to happen next, normally in a film, series, book... It is also used to define the rear spoiler that is positioned to improve the aerodynamics of a vehicle.


The words can draw thousands of pictures by what you choose words correctly and associate them with the tone and slang of the public to which they are directed is a an essential part of communication between cultures. It is especially important if safety procedures, medical texts or legal documents are being translated.
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